Ranking System

To download a copy or print a version of the Ranking System, please click HERE

This ranking system is practiced in the Netherlands and the UK and is recommended by tourism marketing experts. The goal is to provide tourists and residents alike with necessary expectations for each attraction in the First Shore Tourism and Education Network.

Rankings are identified by the color of the icon on the map, two solid colored lines in the initial details box on the APP, a solid color line in the detailed description box on the APP, and by the text color of the titles on the partner page of the website.

Each box under the FirstShore Logo in the Ranking System describes the categories that make up the ranking system.  Depending on the quality of each attraction in its pre-arrival, arrival, and attraction, the ranking can change. However, for an attraction to receive and maintain Green ranking, it must meet the “arrival” and “attraction” requirements. First Shore monitors these changes and updates their ranking accordingly.