Mission and By-Laws

FirstShore Tourism and Education Network Mission Statement

FirstShore Tourism and Education Network L.L.C. (FirstShore TEN) has the mission of providing information to visitors and residents about the historic, cultural and ecological attractions that welcome visitors within its defined focus area. FirstShore will fulfill this mission in several ways including but not limited to the following:

  • Partnering with sites to make their information available to visitors and residents in an easily accessible, coordinated manner based on affinity and location.
  • Providing visitors and residents with location and way finding information to facilitate their access to partner sites with the extent of extending visitor stays and educating residents about our unique area.
  • Cooperating with all authorized Destination Marketing Organizations to encourage visitors to the focus area to explore, discover and connect with the Partner Sites throughout the area.
  • Supporting partner sites by providing a forum for sharing solutions to operational needs common to partner sites.
  • Providing a legally protected branding format for use by all entities that share the goal of promoting tourism in the focus area.
  • Providing visitors and partner sites with a standardized rating system so the visitors can know what to expect when they chose to visit a partner site and so that Partner sites can have a consistent, independent ranking system to use in their planning and operational activities.
  • To offer a forum for partner sites; destination marketing organizations, and other interested parties to share information to increase their shared success.

FirstShore By-Laws