Why “First Shore”? 
The name reflects many “firsts” in our area that deserve recognition and celebration that people should be aware of.

Who runs First Shore?
First Shore is governed by elected network partners.

Why am I seeing green, yellow, and red colors?
These colors represent the type of experience you can expect to have. For example, locations that are green will be well established, whereas the yellow locations may need improvements and the red might lack an attraction.

How can I find more information on one of the locations?
First Shore provides links and contact information for each location in the partner page of our website or in the detail section of each location on the APP. These links and contact information allow you to continue your search on our network partner’s websites so you can find everything you need!

I know a great place that should be a part of this, how can they become a First Shore Tourism and Education Network partner?
Shoot us an email describing the location/attraction you have in mind with your contact information and we will contact you back as soon as possible!