FirstShore Tourism and Education Network (FirstShore TEN)

FirstShore Tourism and Education Network (FirstShore TEN) is a non-profit , cooperative branding and marketing organization of members representing historic, cultural and ecological sites in our area.  Our objective is to increase heritage and cultural tourism while continuing to educate residents about this special place.

South Carolina, specifically Beaufort, Jasper, Hampton, and Colleton counties have deep roots to the history of this nation. FirstShore provides the tool to point people towards attractions that tell those stories. By providing an interactive, user-friendly, and navigable app  people can search for and navigate to heritage sites based on their historic interests. For example, if you’re interested in civil war history, you can simply select the civil war icon and see all of the civil war sites and attractions. Aside from the Civil War category, other categories include: Colonial, Cultural, Ecological, Historic, Reconstruction, and Revolutionary War.

FirstShore has a ranking system in place for each attraction. Based on systems that have been successfully used in Great Britain and the Netherlands for years and recently adopted by the Beaufort Chamber of Commerce, each attraction is ranked either green, yellow, or red. This system is in place so you know what type of experience you will have before visiting. For a breakdown of how each attraction receives their ranking, please click HERE.

Whether you’re using FirstShore on your computer or your mobile phone, our have a seamless integration system makes it easy for you to use no matter what you’re using.

Still not sure what FirstShore is all about? Visit our FAQ Page to clear up any questions you might have!